The Best Places to Live in Tokyo: Ikebukuro (池袋)

by scout84journalist

Great article, I want to visit Tokyo now…well, I need a little time for that, but I’m trying to working on it.

Tokyo Desu

This is the third in a series of articles about the best places to live in Tokyo, written by people who live – or have recently lived – there. We’ve also covered KoenjiKanda and Ueno

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Ikebukuro (pic: Shutterstock) Ikebukuro (pic: Shutterstock)

By Simon Wright

I don’t want to give you the wrong idea about Ikebukuro, enough people probably already have. But it’s only fair you are told the full story, or at least a more balanced one, rather than just the sugary fluff a Google search can provide.

Usually when I tell a Japanese person that I live in Ikebukuro, there is a slight pause in the conversation before they respond with shifting eyes, “Great shopping there”, which can be fairly accurately translated as, “That’s the dirty foreign part of town”…

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